Sinead bovell

The model who talks tech


Model, MBA, B.B.A Finance

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Sinead Bovell is revolutionizing the way that young people learn about technology.

Recognizing the pace at which advanced technologies would soon outpace the workforce, and the lack of resources that young people had to prepare for such a shift, Sinead Bovell made it her mission to bridge the gap between young entrepreneurs and the digital future. Leveraging her degree in finance, Master’s in Business, and platform as a New York City model, Sinead founded WAYE, Weekly Advice for Young Entrepreneurs, an organization that prepares the next generation for a future with advanced technologies.

It’s time to change the narrative of who should be talking tech, and who should be listening
— Sinead Bovell
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Everyday, 600+ millennials and Gen Z tune into Sinead’s platforms to learn about the latest innovations in business and technology


WAYE Talks. Where cool meets nerdy over tech.

In 2018, shortly after founding WAYE, Sinead launched WAYE Talks. A monthly live event series that brings together business and technology experts from across the world to educate young entrepreneurs on the future. The series went viral, with young people coming from as far as London, England to get involved. From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence to the future of Social Media, young people have turned to WAYE Talks for the tools and the answers to the future

WAYE’s community is reflective of the need for more diverse voices in tech, featuring some of the most influential names in fashion, technology, and entrepreneurship - ranging from world renowned supermodels to Forbes 30 Under 30 winners to the youngest editors and thought-leaders at Condé Nast.

WAYE Talks have garnered attention from the world’s biggest players in business and technology, including IBM, Bloomberg, and NYU Stern, who have all spoken on WAYE Talk panels.

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Sinead has educated over 10,000 young entrepreneurs on technology and the future

In 2018 Sinead Bovell was appointed Director of Youth-led Innovation for Blockchain for Impact, and spoke at the United Nations and the U.S Chamber of Commerce on technology and the future. Sinead has also guest lectured at world-renowned universities such as Cornell, on topics spanning from entrepreneurship to the future of work.

Sinead is driven by her mission to build a progressive, informed, and thriving society. One in which technology is built, as she says, “on the right side of history.”